Great vacation, depressing homecoming

I had a cold night at Fernwood Resort with lots of waking. We had a great last day in California. Got up early and took a walk at Pfeiffer State Park, a beautiful little beach enclosed by cliffs. Haystack rocks with windows carved by surf, a guy walking his dog on the beach. It looked like he had a long leash, but it turned out he was dragging a piece of kelp that the dog was playing with. It was cold, the sun shining on the mountain to the north but not on us.
From there we went to Deetjen’s for breakfast. I had eggs benedict, Diane had a turkey/avocado thing. The atmosphere was perfect, the coffee was good, and we eavesdropped on an old couple reminiscing about the old days at Deetjen’s and Nepenthe, where they had worked.
After Deetjen’s we drove back up to Nepenthe and had a pot of tea, watching for whales out at sea. I saw a pod of something swim to the north, but I couldn’t tell what they were.
We drove south, stopping a few times along the way, including the waterfall at Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park, which drops out of the woods onto the beach. At the elephant seal rookery, we found a spot where we could walk to the beach and it was just us and the seals, no crowds. They were mostly sleeping, but there was some interaction among the females and their small pups. We had lunch in San Simeon, then drove over the hills to Paso Robles and up 101 to San Miguel, where I found a bridge I slept under in 1984, and everything looked surprisingly like I remembered.
We drove to Los Gatos without much stopping, and Diane slept. It was dark by the time I got there, and I couldn’t get much of a feel for the lay of the land, but we did find the house on the lot where Neal Cassady’s house was.
We didn’t have time to meet up with Kurt and Kate, so we had dinner and went to the airport, where we got a little sleep on the chairs and the floor at an empty gate.
It was a terrible flight home. We were in front of the exit row, so our seats didn’t recline, and the seat of the guy in front of Diane was broken and reclined too far, making her terribly cramped. Neither of us slept much. (Yes, I offered to trade seats.)
We got home and had to leave the car in the driveway, which was drifted over, and walk home through snow and a biting wind. Slept, had a birthday cookie, watched the Vikes lose with Leif, had a birthday steak.
Monday morning none of the three cars would start. It was 23 below. I tried to charge the batteries and get them started all morning, to no avail. Borrowed mom’s car, got to work at 11, was a grouch, got home at 6.


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