What I really think about libraries

They are good.

I like them.

I am a friend of the Milaca library. I gave money. I love the new Milaca library. I loved the old one too.

I have several friends who are librarians.

I believe checking out books is a good thing, but I don’t often do it because I forget to turn them in and have to pay a fine, and besides there are too many to choose from so I can’t decide, so I usually buy a book at Goodwill instead when I need one to read.

I love the people who volunteer their time to make a library, people like Eunice and Marge in Onamia and Shelly and Jody in Milaca and thousands and millions of people everywhere.

I will use my bully pulpit to help Onamia get a library. I don’t care where they put it.


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