An open apology to boomers everywhere

I think of myself as existing exactly on the boundary between the baby boom and Gen X. I was born in January of 1963. Some say the baby boom ended in ’62, others say ’64. I didn’t have the resentment toward the boomers and hippies that Gen X’ers have, probably because my parents were older — the same age as the boomers’ parents — so I identified with the hippies, who weren’t much older than me.

But I was pretty much a Gen X slacker, largely because when I graduated from college there were no good career options because the boomers had all the good jobs. Most of my friends spent their 20s underemployed like me.

Anyway, I can relate to this article from both ends, as a boomer and a Gen X’er. And in a sense, I can’t relate to it at all.

From Salon:

An open apology to boomers everywhere

Your earnest, self-important prattle has gotten on Gen X nerves for decades. But now we finally get it.


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