Judges to vote for

In case you’re wondering about judges on the ballot in Minnesota, here’s what I’ve learned by doing a story on the topic.

Two judges (Minnesota Supreme Court justice Paul Anderson and Minnesota Court of Appeals Judge Terri Stoneburner) are being challenged by Christian fundamentalists who want to politicize the process of judicial selection by increasing the role of election and decreasing that of appointment. Those two challengers are Tim Tingelstad and Dan Griffith.

Another Supreme Court judge, Lorie Skjerven-Gildea, is being challenged by Deborah Hedlund, who is not explicitly running with a religious agenda, but says she’s more qualified because she has more courtroom experience.

Currently judges are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature, then they have to be reelected. Some want elections to play a larger role, which I believe would make the system even more partisan than it already is.

I’m hereby endorsing all three incumbents.

If you want to see what our judiciary could look like if these zealots have their way, check out Tingelstad’s website: http://www.highesthill.com/

There will also be a bunch of District Court judges up for reelection in your district. Most will probably be unchallenged.


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