Debate aftermath

McCain scored on “I’m not President Bush.” I guess it was the kind of zinger people like in debates.

Barack scored on Columbia (Well, actually I know quite a bit about it…), and the Ayers campaign (It says more about your campaign than it does about me.)

Barack weasled out of Schieffer’s gotcha question on negative campaigning and McCain’s accusations, but it didn’t matter much because most people believe Mac has been the more negative of the two (despite his lackeys’ claims that BO has run the most negative campaign in history).

McCain kept bringing up topics nobody cares about. Free trade? People in Ohio may care about it, but they disagree with McCain on it, so why bring it up? Class warfare? , Most people are feeling like the victims of class warfare waged by Wall St. over the last 30 years.

McCain threw some red-meat to his base on abortion, but he lost by putting air quotes around “health of the mother.” Obama put the pro-choice argument well, but he won’t win over anyone on the other side.

The split-screen showing Mac’s facial expressions really did him in. He looked like a crazy person. I don’t care for Barack’s smiles whenever Mac says something he disagrees with. A bit condescending, but apparently for a lot of people it comes off as less defensive than Mac’s wincing, or as one pundit put it, “lemon-sucking grinfest.”

I’m finally starting to believe that Barack has a legitimate shot at this thing. I might write my next column about it. I can’t quit thinking that we’re close to something really amazing, shocking. If you would’ve asked most people two or three years ago when we’d elect our first black president, most would’ve said 20 or 30 years, I imagine. Or 50. Or 100.


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