Dangerous radicals of the religious right

Anonymous Brandy suggested I google “dangerous radicals of the religious right,” so I did and came up with a list of quotes by famous Americans advocating Bible reading.

The problem is that the assumptions of the page are ridiculous.

Assumption 1: If you advocate Bible reading, you’re automatically a Christian fundamentalist. Read Thomas Jefferson a little more closely (or Washington, or Franklin, or other founding fathers) and you’ll find that not to be the case.

Assumption 2: If you advocate Bible reading, you’re automatically a conservative. Wrong again. Many on the list, most, probably, would not be conservatives by today’s definition. And there’s a long list of Bible-reading and Bible-believing liberals who see themselves as the spiritual heirs to the Torah-reading Jesus of Nazareth. I, for example, could go toe-to-toe with most Christian fundamentalists on knowledge of the Bible and win. That’s because Christian fundamentalism is more of a political movement than a religious one.

Assumption 3: 18th and 19th century politicians would say the same things if they were alive today. Highly doubtful. These guys were the most brilliant intellectuals of their time, and as such were well read in the Bible as well as other classic works. Transport them to the 20th or 21st century, and they’d be well versed in Darwin, Freud and other intellectual giants, and they would likely be as just as freaked out by the “Christian” right as I am.


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