Stuff I get in my email

Dear editor:

John McCain has always been against a woman’s right to choose.  By picking
Sarah Palin he intensifies this position.  He wants Roe v. Wade overturned
and would appoint Supreme Court and Federal Judges who support this

Sarah Palin is against a woman’s right to choose, even in cases of rape or
incest.  While Mayor of Wasilla women who reported being raped had to
purchase their own rape kit at a cost of $300 to $1,200.  This kit is
essential in proving rape.  Alaska has a rate of rape, incest and sexual
assault double the rest of the country.  In response to this policy in
Wasilla, the Alaskan Legislature passed a law requiring this kit be provided
for women.

In contrast in 1994 Joe Biden authored the most comprehensive federal law
against sexual abuse in our history.  But in October, 2007 John McCain voted
against Biden’s legislation for funding rape kits.  McCain has voted for
Viagra being covered by health insurance but against contraception coverage.

Veteran’s Affairs:
As a Vet with more than 20 years of naval service you would think John
McCain would be a strong supporter of our vets, but his actions show

20 million dollars for Veteran’s health care facilities
322 million dollars for safety equipment for our troops in Iraq
430 million dollars for Veterans’ outpatient care
One billion dollars in new equipment for the National Guard
One billion 500 million dollars in additional Veterans’ medical care, paid
for by closing     tax loopholes (in one vote)
One billion 800 dollars (in another vote)

Most recently McCain opposed the Webb-Hagel GI Bill, even though the
Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, the Disabled Veterans of
America, the Blinded Veteran’s Association and the Paralyzed Veterans of
America were for it.  The Disabled Veterans Association gives McCain a 20%
favorable rating – Obama 80% favorable.

Economic Judgment:
In the 1980s as one of the Keating 5, McCain was involved in necessitating
the Savings and Loan bail out.  He supports a form of privatizing Social
Security and putting part of our Social Security in the Stock Market.

These actions should help you decide on November 4th.

Julia Fenner, Former Lance Corporal, U.S. Marines
Paul Zamarian, Attorney
Sonoma County, California


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