Dogs think we’re stupid

I was jogging on my newly cleared trails this morning with Lucy, the black lab. I went around twice, plus out to the mailbox twice, a total of about 4.5 miles. I took a wrong turn both times around, and thought Lucy must’ve been rolling her eyes at me. To her, the trail is probably obvious, since she follows her nose.

It made me think dogs are probably always thinking we’re stupid, so utterly clueless about smells and high-pitched noises. When you’re sitting on the couch, and suddenly the dog jumps up and runs to the door, she’s thinking how stupid you are. She looks at you with her best Napoleon Dynamite and says to herself, “Gosh! What’s wrong with them?”

On another note, I liked Michelle Obama’s speech last night.

I’m not terribly confident about Barack’s chances at this point, but she’s gotta help.

Here’s the backstage video:


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