Worst bee sting ever

My brother has this little swimming pool – three feet deep, 12 feet across or so. I got hot working in the woods the other day so I jumped in, along with Diane and Leif. There was a bug in the pool, a beetle I thought, so I scooped it up and was going to throw it out, and it stung me on the finger. It was the most painful bee sting ever, and one of the most painful experiences ever. After five minutes of whining, Diane and Leif were ready to drown me.

I looked around and found another bug just like it. It had the typical yellow-and-black abdomen of a bee, but its wings were covered in tan-colored shells like a beetle. I’d never seen the like. A bee in beetles clothing.

I googled it and found lots of beetles that mimic bees but no bees that mimic beetles.


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