Haven’t posted for a while, not that anyone except Cole Gibas has noticed. I put out a feeler last week to see who checks into my blog, and Cole was the only one who responded. I couldn’t have asked for a better only reader. Cole is one of the smartest and most interesting Mille Lacs natives I’ve met — due in part to his parents, Diane and Tom.

So Tim Russert died. My mom was sad. She watches a lot of cable. I never watched the guy much, but I do think he was among the many who dropped the ball in the run-up to the Iraq war. The toughest questioner in Washington, along with Chris Matthews, just didn’t get it done. Still, it’s sad when any 58 year old dad and husband and all around nice guy keels over. I’m probably next. Except for the nice guy part.

McCain says he doesn’t use a computer. As if we needed another reason not to vote for him. This appalls me. My dad was older than McCain, and he took it on himself to learn to use one. My mom uses one too. She’s 81. What kind of cocoon is this guy living in? Do we really want a guy running the country who doesn’t have a grasp of the machine that runs the world? If you don’t use a computer in this day and age, and you’re in a position of authority and public service, you are either dumb, lazy, or lacking curiosity. And haven’t we had enough of dumb, lazy, uncurious presidents in recent years?

I still hear people at work sometimes asking each other questions, as if the answer wasn’t right there at their fingertips. I still hear people making up answers to questions that can be debunked within 15 seconds with Google and Wikipedia. Get with it, Jon McCain. If being a war hero was the only credential you needed to be president, you would’ve won in 2000, or Al Gore would’ve, or Kerry would’ve won in 2004.

I’ve been working on my children’s book. It’s called The Upside-Down Cow. I never thought of myself as an illustrator, but the pictures have turned out surprisingly good. I used a computer.


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