Good advice

Something made me pick up a “Minnesota” Pioneer Press yesterday. I wanted to check out the design, mainly. They’ve changed their page size again and their look. It’s a lot less formal now, more tabloid-size and feel (which I don’t think is a bad thing).

It’s a shell of its former self in terms of original, local content.

Anyway, there was a list of life skills for graduates that I thought was incredibly good. I definitely couldn’t come up with a better one. From someone called Dr. Crank.

In no particular order, these are skills you should have when you hit the real world.

Sew on a button
Do laundry
Change a tire
Balance a checkbook
Prepare a meal
Indulge moderately
Embrace intimacy
Eschew vulgarity
Distinguish between needs and wants
Avoid whatever is popular
Clean a bathroom
Pick up the check
Apologize earnestly
Read a newspaper
Read for pleasure
Read to learn something new
Questiont their convictions
Create something with their own hands
Tip heavily
Write a letter
Distinguish between fact and opinion
Be grateful for what they have
Be proud of what they have achieved
Unclog a drain
Exercise daily
Identify birds, flowers, trees


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