For the record

Regarding Joe’s comment that I “scolded” and “chided” anglers for not seeing the tribal harvest for themselves. Here’s what I said.

“The most surprising thing is the level of surprise. Where have people been for 10 years? I was out on Cedar Creek landing in 1998 and saw the whole operation. Anyone can walk right up and look around, as Rob did the other day. It’s no secret.”

Maybe that’s “scolding” to Joe, but to me it was an authentic expression of surprise that after 10 years of a harvest happening in a public place, there’s still so little first-hand knowledge out there.

Joe would probably point the finger at the media for not doing more to show people what’s going on. Which means he should be congratulating us for posting the video that got so much attention instead of scolding us for silencing anglers’ voices.


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