Thanks, Joe

Joe Fellegy ripped into me and Vivian Clark and the Messenger in the Outdoor News today, concluding that “Messenger personnel” have come off as “shallow, petty gutter snipes” in our coverage of the lost gill nets on Mille Lacs.

In all fairness, he mixed in a few backhanded compliments.

Apparently I’ve “chided” and “scolded” and “lampooned” anglers and shown a general “anti-angler bias.”

Apparently Joe is the spokesman for and defender of anglers everywhere.

I’ll be writing my column on it, as well as a response to the Outdoor News, which showed bad form in publishing an inaccurate and offensive headline over Joe’s column. Both Joe and Rob Drieslein should know that a paper showing anglers on the cover as often as we do, and dedicating as much time as we do to feature stories on angling, fishing reports, videos, etc. does not have an “anti-angler” bias.

I’ve been instrumental in giving Joe a place to air his views for the last 10 years, and I’ve defended him and his right to express himself countless times. I’ve given him and his brother and hundreds of letter writers free rein to express their views.

So he falsely accuses the paper I put together every week of having an “anti-angler bias” and calls me a “shallow, petty gutter snipe.”



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