Boating on Mille Lacs

I waited all weekend for the weather to get nice for our maiden voyage on Mille Lacs, but it never did. So Leif and I went out on Sunday morning anyway, but we didn’t get farther than Isle Bay. We put in at Isle Harbor access, and coming through the narrow spot I must’ve gotten a weed caught in the prop because we came to a standstill. Not being much of a motor boat expert, I kinda panicked, which made Leif a little nervous. Just like when I was a kid and my dad would take me sailing. He was not a great sailor and would often panic. Anyway, there was mud being churned up, probably because I was pulling weeds out by the roots. I finally thought to put it in reverse and we came loose.

The waves were pretty big coming through the mouth of the bay, so we found a sheltered area, anchored, and threw some leeches in the water. No bites. Leif got bored after about an hour so we came in and went to the pow wow. I posted a video on the Messenger website.


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