Memorial Day

My friend John sent this email to me today. Thought I’d share it. I don’t think he’ll mind.

“I’d like to say a Memorial Day “hey” to the memory of my brother, who was a Navy jet pilot who flew support missons immediately following Gulf War I. Steve was two years older than me. He died in 1991, two months before his 30th birthday, when he was run down and left to drown in a drainage ditch by a civilian drunk driver, while hanging out back at his base in Key West on a reprive from his assignment. He left behind a one-year old daughter (she had her first birthday five days before he died) and a son who was born 6 months later, and his wife. And he left behind me, and his Mom (who I had to inform about his death) and his brother (who had to inform me about his death), and his sister. And a whole host of nieces and nephews. Steve now lies in the ground at Fort Snelling Cemetary. So, if you feel like honoring Memorial Day in a traditional manner, and if you’re looking for a visualization of a good person who died while serving his country, feel free to borrow the image of my brother. I’d like it back when you’re done.”


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