Birds etc.

We didn’t go up to Mille Lacs yesterday because the wind was bad. Instead we drove around looking for a truck to pull our boat and horse trailer. Today we stayed home except for a quick drive to town, when we got caught in the worst hail I’ve ever been in. Golf ball size. Hail damage on the car. Took a hot tub, washed the cars, relaxed.

On my walk I heard my first yellow-throated vireo of the year and first common yellowthroat (not to be confused with yellow warbler, which I also saw and heard today). Usually the yellow-throated vireo comes back a few days before the red-eyed vireo, but a few minutes after the y-t, I heard a r-e. It’s always nice when they come back because Diane did her first master’s research on red-eyed vireos, so we spent two summers studying them when we lived between Detroit Lakes and Fargo. 
Saw my first mosquitoes yesterday, then got swarmed by them on my walk today. That’s something I didn’t miss in New Zealand.
Tomorrow we’ll probably head up to Isle in the morning, hell or high water or thunderstorms or high winds. Hopefully it’ll be like it is right now: dead calm, warm, sunny at 7:30 p.m.
Forgot to mention that I saw a green heron by the river the other day. There was a family of Canada geese acting very tentative, hanging out by the bank, apparently freaked out by the heron’s screeching call. Saw another green heron today. Those Canada geese sure breed early. I saw the family the first time a week or more ago, sitting on a sandbar in the river. I saw one of the adults in the tall grass on the other side of the river today. I couldn’t tell what it was — a jug-shaped white thing, then a white thing a few inches above it. Perfectly still. Focused the binoculars, and it was a goose.

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