I went and bought a boat on Friday. Figured if I’m gonna be the editor of the Mille Lacs Messenger I should at least be able to get out on the lake. It’s a 1974 16-foot speedboat I got pretty cheap from a guy in Quamba. We took it out to Ann Lake yesterday and had a good time, with a few moments of panic. I’m not exactly adept at operating things with motors, or winches, so there were a few moments of panic. Backing the boat down the ramp was fine, but backing the empty trailer wasn’t, because I couldn’t see the trailer, so I had to navigate with the side mirrors. Finally I opened the tailgate so I could see the trailer, and it went fine. I got water in my rubber boots when I was trying to get the boat centered on the trailer. I think I backed it in too far. Let the kids drive and they kept hitting weeds, causing the motor to cough and Diane to panic. 

But gee whiz, flying across the water at 30 mph sure was fun, even though I’m more of a believer in canoes and kayaks for aquatic transport. We sure saw more of the lake than we would have in my kayaks. We saw a bald eagle, an osprey, a great blue heron, terns and gulls. Much of the lake is undeveloped, which is a rarity these days for a lake so close to the Twin Cities.

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