Mille Lacs County bird report

Tuesday out jogging I heard savannah sparrows and I think a grasshopper sparrow. I’ve always thought savannah sparrows sound like shy song sparrows.

I saw a bunch of terns in a flooded field yesterday, and I’ve also been seeing lots of waders. Yellowlegs, I think, which makes me want to read the book Yellowlegs again, about a guy who follows a yellow-legged sandpiper. John Janovy wrote it, I think.
I also scared up a turkey the other day. It flew. Same thing happened to neighbor Jim a couple weeks ago.
Lots of good stories we’re working on this week. Fishing opener, winter fishing season numbers, tribal netting, Izatys update, McGrath again, a few others. It was the fifth Tuesday, so there was no county board meeting.
Played at a Willie Nelson tribute show last night in Minneapolis. Willie turned 75. I think it was my last gig. I’ve decided I really don’t like playing in front of people.
Leif’s in swimming and baseball. Cedar’s taking a class at Children’s Theatre in Minneapolis. Diane’s enjoying work. Life is good.

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