Fox sparrows

I’ve been thinking I’d been seeing fox sparrows around for the last week or two, but I never had the binoculars at the right time. So this morning, with all the snow, the birds are checking out our feeders. There’s a fox sparrow and a song sparrow and the usual mob of juncos. Tree sparrows, too.

I got stuck twice yesterday. On the way to work, I was driving down County Road 2, and there was just a good path right in the middle of the road. The plow was coming toward me, so I had to move over into my lane, and the slush was so deep and slick that I got stuck right there in the road.
The plow went by, then a minute later a tow truck came and winched me out. By then another plow had passed going the other way, so I was in good shape.
Then on the way home, I got about a hundred feet from the house, hit a drift and got stuck. My car is still out there. Somehow I’ll have to get it out this morning. I don’t think the snow’s gonna melt for a couple days.


I got the car out by hooking it up to the Walden, which is our snow-moving machine that my neighbor had put forks on, so it was useless for moving snow. I told Leif, my 10-year-old, to steer the car while I dragged it through the snowdrifts and out to the township road.


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