Finally, some nice spring weather. Friday was the best day yet, then Saturday even better. Today it’ll be cool and cloudy. More and more birds are coming back. Took a walk to the river yesterday. The river is flowing freely, which chunks of ice floating down. Saw some common mergansers, which flew away as soon as they saw me. Also wood ducks. Flock of sparrows in the woods. Didn’t have binoculars. Might’ve been fox sparrows. Saw what might’ve been song sparrows, too, but they didn’t sing and I couldn’t see them very close up. Diane saw a bluebird checking out the boxes. I heard an eastern meadowlark.

Heard chorus frogs for the first time on Thursday, and saw the first bats. Heard them scratching around in the attic, too, which is depressing. Turkey vultures and mourning doves, too. Saw two sandhill cranes fly over the road and two more standing in a field.
Friday when Jim and I drove down to the Cities, we saw some scaups or ring-necked ducks on a pond, and it looked like hooded mergansers and buffleheads. Also a Cooper’s or sharp-shinned hawk.

Yesterday I was sitting in the sun on the deck, watching the juncos at the feeder (also goldfinches, purple finches, nuthatches, chickadees and one redpoll), when one junco flew into the glass door and fell right at the feet of our cat. The cat, of course, grabbed it in her mouth, but I made her drop it and picked it up. It was bleeding from the mouth and looked done for, but I set it on a big cottonwood stump by the feeders, and about 10 minutes later I walked over to check on it, and it flew away.
Diane says the perennials are already emerging. The next big event around here will be the bloodroots blooming. That’s always a great day.

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