Mille Lacs Messenger, April 30

Sheriff told to move on. Lindgren says he’s obligated to investigate “gun theft” but County Attorney Jan Kolb says it probably wouldn’t result in charges.

Foreclosure crisis continues. County figures for first quarter show an increase over last year’s record numbers.
Hope for New Orleans. Reporter Vivian Clark traveled to New Orleans with Ann Shields of Onamia, where they worked on restoring homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
Mille Lacs County news. Green infrastructure and Onanegozie update.
Isle school news. Superintendent Ralston announces resignation.
Sick loons. Loons landed in a sewage treatment pond near Ironton and got sick. They’re being treated at Wild and Free rehab clinic in Garrison.
Spawning season. DNR biologists were out trapping and tagging walleyes and northerns. 
Columns by me, Bob Statz, Tammi Enberg, Leland Rueb, Ralph LaPlant.
Lots of letters, Isle and Onamia sports, and a front page pic of ice pushed over Mille Lacs.

Up north

Not a great weekend to spend along the North Shore, but I had a good time anyway on our annual trip into the cabins at Tettegouche State Park. Six guys. We hiked in in the rain on Friday. It snowed a bit Saturday night, and the bits of open water that were there when we arrived were frozen when we left. Took a nice hike up to some overlooks. Good time to be out in the woods. When the leaves aren’t out, you can see so far through the forest. Saw some wolf scat on the trail. White-throated sparrows and lots of juncos and a turkey vulture and a hairy woodpecker and a brown creeper, but not much besides those.


I forgot to mention that I saw an osprey, I think it was yesterday, down by the river. I heard it first, doing its high-pitched alarm call, way too wimpy for such a killer of a bird. I caught a brief glimpse but couldn’t tell if it was an osprey or an eagle, which also has a wimpy call. A few minutes later I scared it off again and saw the distinct m-shaped wing profile and was 90 percent sure. Finally, after it saw me again, I saw it flap over the river, the black mask against white head and body. 

I’ve always liked osprey. Fish hawks, they used to call them. Seeing them plunge into a lake or river after a fish is one of the grandest sights in nature, far as I’m concerned.

Mille Lacs Messenger, April 23

Here’s what’s coming in tomorrow’s Messenger:

Witness to fires: Evangeline Moen of Isle was at her family cabin on Pine Lake when fires were set all around her.
Izatys’ bank wants to foreclose. Commerce Bank seeks relief from stay April 24.
Parent confronts board. The mother of a disabled girl put in a time out room spoke before the Onamia school board. There’s also a guest column from Superintendent John Varner responding to the controversy.

Healthy start to a health career. Isle students explore medical professions.
Prisoners pulled from jail. Sheriff Brent Lindgren was questioned by the Mille Lacs County Board last week about Kanabec County pulling prisoners from the jail.
Fishing pier by opener? Wahkon is building a fishing pier at the city park. Resident Gary Larson wasn’t happy about a $200 fine.
Mille Lacs Band is sponsoring a housing project in the Twin Cities.
More McGrath council bickering.
What’s a wetland? Rob writes about the different types of wetlands in Mille Lacs County.
Man attacked by bear in Mille Lacs Wildlife Management Area.
Wally Finn says goodbye for a while.

Columns by me, Rob, Eunice Boeringa, Sherri Jedlicki.
Lots of letters.

Mille Lacs County bird report

Eastern kingbird and hermit thrush this morning.

Brown thrasher Sunday morning. It’s been kicking around the feeder and singing in the treetops.

Tree swallows have been back for a while according to the neighbors, but I saw my first over the weekend.

Saw some waders in a flooded field this morning but didn’t stop to try to ID them.

Meadowlarks singing.

Earth Day Half Marathon

I’ll probably write my column about it this week, so I won’t say much here except that my knees, thighs, hams, ankles, feet are sore, but I feel good all over, as you tend to when you accomplish something difficult.

I came in 1,315th overall, out of 1,781. 77th out of 85 in my division (balding old fat guys) and 746 out of 895 in my gender.

April 23 Mille Lacs Messenger

Parent objects to treatment of Down syndrome child at Onamia Elementary
Isle, Wahkon, townships agree to meet regarding fire department issues
Isle cops fingerprint school kids
Man stabbed; wife accused
Two charged with assault after invading home
Onamia City Council — A slow meeting
Darlene Maciej — McGrath’s grant lady
Isle City Council — Maben Avenue issue resolved again
Student worker Angela Pedersen learning from Judy Cain
New business — Bear’s Den in Isle
Earth Day — County and state employees meet on Mille Lacs County water plan
Earth Day — Mille Lacs Band has a pilot solar energy project
Global Warming at Mille Lacs — Tom Jones looks at possible effects
State pulls venison from food shelves
Dead fish likely result of winterkill
Stott brothers and Hitzemann compete in Vegas baseball tourney
St. John’s beats Onamia 9-2 in baseball opener
Little kid wrestlers in state tournament — Macen Haggberg, Matthew Jeska, Jeremy Jeska, Bradley Bernu
City of Isle — Public Works supervisor gets an award, then resigns
Health page — narcotics, osteoarthritis, healthy eating
Sheriff’s report, news in brief
Columns by Kevin Anderson, Kathleen Saumer, John Stenback, Father Greg Poser, Dan Perron, Wally Finn