Spent a long Saturday working and then helping out at the candlelight ski event at Kathio State Park. Started out visiting the vintage snowmobile ride in Isle. It was cool to see all those old sleds, even though I’m not much of a sled head myself. The event brought a lot of people to town, and it looked like they were having a good time. Former Twin Kent Hrbek was there, I heard, filming an episode of his TV show. I didn’t see him. Did a Messenger Asks.

From there I went to the office, mixed down a little video I took, and caught up on some work. Then it was off to the perch contest at Nitti’s Hunter’s Point resort. Lots of guys in camo drinking beer and eating booya. I had a bowl of booya, and it was good. Did another Messenger asks about catching eelpout.

Went back to the office and worked again, then went to Kathio to light candles. It was nice to see Jim Cummings, the park naturalist, again. It had been a few years. I met his son and daughter and wife and brand new granddaughter, too. After lighting candles, I skied the route twice — a longer ski than I’ve done in a few years, so I was tired and ready to go home by then.

Hung out last night with the neighbors and friends up from the Cities, than had breakfast with the neighbors this morning and lunch with my mom and sister and brother and their families. Now I’m recovering, watching a movie Diane rented called Once about a singer/songwriter in Ireland. It’s interesting.

Here’s the vintage snowmobiles. Somebody commented on youtube that the music choice was inappropriate. I disagree. Guy probably wanted screaming electric guitars.


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