Worst song ever?

I was filling my car up with gas a few minutes ago and Paul McCartney came on, singing a song from an album that came out last year. Something like “Everybody gonna dance tonight, everybody gonna be alright, everybody gonna dance tonight, tonight.”

I heard it first over in New Zealand last year, at Starbucks, where they played the CD all day the day it was released. I thought at the time that it might be the worst song ever written. Like something a 12 year old would write when he learned his first three chords. Terrible, godawful lyrics, a nearly nonexistent melody, a mandolin part that sounds like it was recorded at the old folks home.

How could a guy who wrote so many good songs not be completely embarrassed? I write a few songs, and I can honestly say I’ve never written a worse song than that, and if I had, I would never let anyone hear it, much less put it on a record, much less make it the first single from the record.

I hate that song.

I hate it so much I have to say it again.

I hate that song.

He should disown himself for that song. Instead of divorcing Heather Mills, he should divorce himself.


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