Good and cold

My mom called on Friday saying “You’re not really going skiing this weekend, are you?” We had already paid for our weekend at Lutsen, so I said, “Yeah, we really are.” Turns out it was a good choice. Saturday was perfect until about 3 p.m., when it got windy. Most of the day it was mild, with a nice snow falling, and no lines at the lifts. Lutsen ski resort is as beautiful as I remember, with great views of Superior and the Poplar River flowing through. The runs are long and there’s a good variety. And I finally figured out those newfangled parabolic skis. The guy at the rental shop said, “You just have to think about turning and you turn.” It’s almost true.

Yesterday was horribly cold with about a -50 windchill, so most of the resort was closed. We skied a couple runs and got a raincheck. Great deal! Guess we’re going back.

Read online about a guy smoking in a bar on MIlle Lacs. We heard about it on Friday, so Viv was going there for the “performance.” A lawyer was testing a loophole in Minnesota’s new smokefree law that allows smoking during dramatic performances. His theory, drawn from Shakespeare: All the world’s a stage.

Read about it in Wednesday’s Messenger.


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