Good Sunday

Once in a while I have a productive day. Today I took Cedar to a fundraiser pancake breakfast, took Cedar and Leif to Pamida, stopped to see my mom but she wasn’t home, came home and wrote a story, visited with my brother and sister-in-law, went skating with Leif, went skiing with Diane, wrote a column, and went to a movie with Diane and Leif.

We saw Juno at our favorite theater in Foley, the Brickhouse Cinema, which I’ve written about before. Juno was everything it was cracked up to be. It exceeded my high expectations. The dialogue really was brilliant and fast and funny. Juno is one of the most memorable and unique characters I’ve ever seen in a movie. Every character was well drawn and well acted and likable and good (except one, who turned out to be a jerk but even so was sympathetic). I don’t give five stars very often, but this one was five stars. I want to see it again already.


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