Where the buck stops

I appreciate Kevin Anderson’s way of running a newspaper. Kevin is the publisher of the Messenger, and he learned the trade from Dick Norlander, who bought the Mille Lacs Messenger in the mid-1970s. Kevin and Dick have always given their editors pretty much free rein to cover the news as they see fit. They understand that the editor needs to be free from advertising pressures to do a fair job.

People assume, though, that publishers determine what makes the news, so they often go above the editor’s head to try to manipulate the way we do our jobs. That happened this week, when one of our readers went over my head to Kevin to complain about me and the paper’s coverage of one particular story. He tried to get Kevin to take me off the story and assign someone else.

I’m happy to say it doesn’t work that way.

I wish this person would’ve come to me if he didn’t like the way I was doing my job, instead of going to my boss. Oh well, I’m not the first one it’s happened to, and I won’t be the last.


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