A one-pound hamburger

If you’re ever driving up Highway 65 in central Minnesota, you have to stop at Vie’s place in McGrath, which is between Mora and McGregor. Rob and I went there Friday after work for supper because Rob’s doing a story on the benefit the town of McGrath (pop. 60) is holding for Vie, who has had a lot of hospital bills lately.

Vie (pronounced “Vee”) is originally from the Azore Islands. She met her husband, who was from around here. The two came back and started running a little cafe. Her husband got cancer and died, so Vie was left alone in a strange country. She and her friend Marty eventually bought the place and started making huge hamburgers. They weigh a pound, and they’re really good.

Marty, who kinda speaks for Vie, told us about the day Mondale bought a hamburger, and the day Governor Rolvaag stopped in, and Matt Dillon, and the rock group Chicago, and how they heard they were ranked by the Oprah show as one of the top ten hamburger joints in the world, but they could never find out for sure. She also told about when a girl got murdered in Cambridge, and a guy stopped for gas and there was blood all over his front seat, and he spent a lot of time washing his hands in the bathroom, so Marty called the sheriff and they caught the murderer up by McGregor.

I’ll see if I can get a video up of Marty talking about Mondale.


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