Funny world

So I blogged about 9/11 Press for Truth last night, and today I get an email from the producer/director/co-writer saying thanks for the positive review.

Reaction 1: What a nice guy to send out a personal email.

Reaction 2: What a funny world. I guess the guy has a “google alert” set up so he’s notified whenever the name of his film shows up in a blog or webpage (just as I have for Mille Lacs and Isle and Onamia).

Anyway, yet another reason to watch the show if you get a chance: the producer’s a good guy.

Got a nasty review of one of our videos on youtube today. No big deal. Over 500 people have watched it, so one insult is nothing to lose sleep over. But it made me aware once again how comfortable people are being mean in the anonymous world of cyberspace.


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