Going crazy with videos

The Mille Lacs Messenger’s experiments with video are taking off fast. We’ve been on youtube for about three weeks, and so far we’ve had 3,500 or so video views. We’re up to 15 videos. We’re all having lots of fun with it. We’ve got video of public meetings, airplane rides, snowmobile races, ice fishing, fishing reports … We’re going crazy with it.

So far our numbers are low. Two hundred to 400 people look at each video. That’s nothing compared to lots of youtube videos, but to us it’s a lot of people who are attracted to our new offerings.

It’s energizing and fun for me and Rob and Viv. It doesn’t take a lot of time to shoot a little video when we’re out covering an event, but it adds a lot to our coverage of the event. It’s amazing how fast journalism is changing. It feels good to be out in front of most little weekly newspapers.

Now we just need to get the advertisers to buy in …


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