Watch what you say

I have this Google Alert set up to inform me whenever someone writes about Mille Lacs, Isle or Onamia. It keeps me informed about local news. So imagine my surprise when I get a Google alert with excerpts from a personal email I had sent to someone in my community. This individual had written a public critique of an email I had sent, taking issue with the fact that his/her blog was filled with attacks against my employer, my newspaper, and myself.

To his/her credit, he/she did not use my name in his/her public critique of my email, but still…

The boundaries between personal and public communication are becoming more blurry with every passing day. Take these blogs, for example, where our most mundane journal entries are out there for the world to see.

All this is by way of warning: Watch what you say, even in personal emails. It may turn up in the blogosphere.

Have a nice day.


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