Tourist in my home town

We had a date in St. Paul yesterday evening, so we decided to go on a family outing. Diane found out there were capitol tours Sunday afternoons, so we went. Had a nice old gentleman tour guide, full of interesting facts. Diane had never been inside the capitol. It’s a pretty amazing building, and well worth the tour. Strange to think of all the touristy things I’ve never done in the Twin Cities. On to the Wabasha caves and the Hill house!

After that, I sang at my friends’ church. Here’s the song. It’s about communion, I guess, in a way. And traveling. I like the partial rhymes.

With every step I’m growing weaker, every mile that I wander
I feel like I’m sinking under a heavy load
It’s a cold and windy journey and you’ve never been so lonely
Till you try to drink the honey from a stone


As I crawl and I stumble I can almost see that table
All my friends, bread and wine, flesh and blood
On my knees I will make it, I’ll be too weak to break it
Won’t you bring the bread and wine to my tongue
Won’t you bring the bread and wine to my tongue

The strong never falter and the proud never bother
And the good never wander all alone
But the fools learn their lesson and the poor find a reason
On my hands and my knees I’m going home


I have always been a sinner with my heart full of anger
I have always been a stranger to the light
But the trouble that I’ve authored and the sorrow that I’ve suffered
Have brought me to the altar tonight



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