Good news

Sometimes things like this happen. I write a column on Monday encouraging the county board and county attorney to do something about the mutual aid agreement. The column will come out Wednesday, but on Tuesday, the county board meets and says they have reached a tentative agreement. So my column is out of date before it even comes out.

That’s okay, I’m just happy, and, to be honest, surprised, that the county and band were able to come to an agreement. It looks like they ended up with something similar to what I was suggesting. The county will basically look the other way when the tribal police officers are enforcing tribal law under their inherent authority as a sovereign nation under federal law. The Band will give the county access to all records of tribal officers enforcing state law.

It looks to e like the county gave in on that, which is what I was calling for them to do. I said they should make a deal and get something from the Band. I’m not seeing that in my first reading of the agreement, but the only really important thing is that they agree on something. I suggested getting the Band to concede something because I thought it was the only way the county would compromise.

I’m glad to be proved wrong, and I’ll tell the commissioners and county attorney so next time I get a chance.

Check out the video of Vivian Clark flying with the DNR on the annual fishhouse count. It’s on the Messenger home page ( and also the youtube page:


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