Busy day

Work was hard this week. Not enough hours to do all the things I wanted to do. Friday came, and three stories I had to do weren’t done, so I’ll be working today (Sunday) to finish up.

I’ll be working on the story about Izatys’ bankruptcy. There’s a preliminary story on our website, but I’ll be adding to it with information from the public records on the bankruptcy filing.

I also have to get something done on the Mille Lacs County budget. I went to the truth-in-taxation meeting last month but still haven’t written anything about the 08 budget.

Then I have a column to write for tomorrow, too. It’ll either be something on ethanol or the mutual aid agreement or addiction.

In the meantime I’ll go skiing, grocery shopping, and play catch with Leif.

When we were in New Zealand, and I was working part-time teaching on-line, I took a daily walk to the shop for the newspaper. The shopkeeper would always greet me with “Busy day?”

I never knew what to say, because it wasn’t a busy day, but it seemed embarrassing to admit it.

Now I know what I would say.


6 thoughts on “Busy day

  1. Hi Brett,I have to agree with Anna… it is awesome having you as editor. I have always enjoyed your articles. One of my faves was, “What’s So Great About Independence?” I especially appreciate the way you can admit an “oops” andshare your grumpy side! I also value the online aspect because this is one of the ways I connect. I just cannot be crazy busy and out and about, too often. I would rather be home with my kids and dog and the homefront has a being of it’s own that’s just as special. So at 5am when all is quiet I venture out into the world while I drink my coffee and wake up to get ready for the day. About being busy…it is hard to admit not being busy! This winter’s reading is the Golden Compass series. We are on the third book. I’m reading it outloud to the kids and we spent two hours the other day absolutley riveted. It felt so decadent to do such a thing. But if only it was ok to admit not being busy…shouldn’t we being doing chores or something?I’ll have to go to the library and check out that book, The Importance of Being Lazy, again. Which is a great boost reminding me that things I am conditioned to think are “lazy” are actually the fuel for production. Good day to you Brett and I hope that you won’t let yourself get too busy :)Carolyn AvaireCommunity member

  2. Yikes! I guess it wasn’t an article but an editorial about the joys of your hippy commune, 2003.How ’bout this one from ’98, an actual article, “Handcut Logs are Better Than an IRA” I suppose it can be hard to remember every word you wrote! I save special articles and lately I have been saving a lot of them.

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