Bottled water

A letter writer in the Star Tribune yesterday, Richard Drill-Mellum of Waconia, pointed out that the oil used to make plastic bottles for bottled water and to transport it around the globe could electrify 250,000 homes or fuel 100,000 cars for one year. Since only 5 percent of plastic is recycled, most of those bottles end up in landfills.

Mr. Drill-Mellum also said the Harvard School of Public Health has stated that “reasonably reliable tap water is available to nearly all 270 million U.S. residents.” Our country has the best water in the world, yet we consume the most bottled water. Go figure.

Bottled water is tap water in a fancy package with a fancy name. It’s a scam that’s part of our consumer culture that’s wrecking the planet, and it’s a waste of money. I guess it seems like you’re drinking something more fresh and healthy when you break the seal on that plastic bottle, but you’re not. We should save our money and fill up a bottle from the tap, or filter it through a Britta filter if the tap water doesn’t taste good.

We bought a refrigerator a couple years ago that has filtered water in the door. It’s one of the best luxuries ever.


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