Skating rink

The skating rink is about ready for use. This is the second time the neighbors and I have made one for the kids. It’s bigger this year, about 60 by 30. After the first snowfall, I plowed the snow into piles in a large rectangle. We put a sheet of plastic in the bowl-shaped rink area and started filling. It took a few days to get it full because we had a low spot that required about a foot of water. I was out there last night trying to put a top coat of water on to smooth out the bumps. It was cold but pretty, with Orion on the horizon. Today after school, the kids should be out there skating. Let’s play hockey!

Speaking of pretty, the hoarfrost on the trees yesterday morning was amazing. It looked like a cartoon Christmas scene, with a frosting of white over the whole world. It was still on the treetops when I drove in to work at 11:30.


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