First snow

It was a perfect first snowfall last weekend. Just enough for cross-country skiing and for the kids to get the sleds out, but not enough to make life too difficult. I got the skis out on Sunday and skied around the trails at home. Jeff and Linda had already broken a path. It was beautiful, and it felt good to get my heart rate up. I’ll have to get over to Kathio State Park one of these days to ski the trails. I’ve always liked going there.

Yesterday was a pretty good deadline day, but not so much for the ad people. It’s good to see that they have their hard Mondays too. Lately it’s been us holding them up.

I like the paper this week. It’s a good mix of hard news, soft and fluffy stuff, human interest and outdoors.

We have a fire story, a story on city budgets, a couple city council stories, a story about a puppy, a story about an artist, a story about a deer, and a story about a muskie. That’s a good mix.

In fact, this may be close to the ideal Mille Lacs Messenger. The only thing it’s missing is a good original hard news sports/outdoors story. We do have a timely DNR press release about walleye regulations, but I like it better when we’re cranking out those stories ourselves.


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