The sun got in my nose

Yesterday’s snowfall was just about perfect. The snow fell in huge, soft flakes nearly all day, but they were so light and sparse that hardly anything accumulated. No shoveling required.

Diane and I skied down to the river, and the fluffy snow on the branches was so pretty it hardly seemed real.

Today we celebrate Christmas with my mom and brother and sister and their families. We have a traditional Swedish meal with meatballs and sausage and fruit soup and rye bread and rice pudding. My favorite meal of the year.

I played a gig in Minneapolis with some old friends last night. I was dreading playing in public again, but it was a great crowd and I ended up enjoying it. I played for about 45 minutes, then Loudray, Pocahontas County (it was their reunion show) and Sans Souci Quartet, another bluegrass band. Full house at the 331 Club.

I picked Cedar up from a sleepover at her friend’s house. She sneezed from the sunshine and said, “The sun got in my nose.”

Making movies

I’m getting into this do-it-yourself video age, as you can see on the Messenger website and my blog. I started playing with video when we were in New Zealand last year. I took some videos with my little Canon point-and-shoot camera and edited them with iMovie on my laptop. I put sound tracks on them and credits and little effects here and there, and the result was pretty good.

I’m convinced that the media world is undergoing rapid changes, and we in the newspaper business need to stay on top of it, so we’re starting to play around with video in the hopes that “Messenger TV” will supplement our traditional newspaper. I think it’s all about making it entertaining, not taking ourselves too seriously, but offering another kind of perspective on our area.

Hopefully you’ll come along for the ride, and maybe you’ll see yourself on Messenger TV one of these days.

Mille Lacs news

This week’s Messenger has a lot of heart-warming Christmas fare: pictures of kids with various Santas (my vote goes to Dickie Gadbois at Flagship. I like real beards); a story of a couple who bought a fancy Christmas tree at a silent auction and donated it to the hospital; pictures and a story from Living Waters Assembly of God’s live nativity; a story about an event I went to on Sunday, where volunteers shop for needy children; and probably the best of all, a story about an abandoned pregnant dog rescued by a local woman.

There’s also plenty of hard news from Isle and Onamia city councils, Mille Lacs County, etc. Vivian Clark has an interesting story about the proposed drug court in the county.