I’ve seen five skunks since I’ve been taking my morning walks during the last month or two. The first was out in the field north of the house, when I was walking down the driveway with the black lab Lucy and Rob’s dog Ruby, early in the morning. The dogs started running up to it, but they must’ve known it was not something to mess with, because they both backed off when I yelled “Nooooo!” The second was on the east side of the property. I was walking along the row of shrubs on the property line and heard a hissing sound. I looked down and a skunk was about 10 feet away, hidden in the shrubbery, looking at me. Lucy didn’t even notice. I quickened my pace and the skunk didn’t have time to turn and fire.

Today I saw three. This was on the north side of the horse pasture, about 50 yards from the house. It was barely light enough to see, but the black-and-white stands out pretty well in the moonlight. Two of them were out in the pasture, and Lucy ran towards them, but stopped short. A few seconds later I saw a third one out in the pasture, farther to the west. It crossed the trail that runs along the pasture, and I was afraid it was hiding in the bushes and would spray me when I walked by, so I crawled under the electric fence and walked through the pasture.

I had a college professor, an anthropologist, who said “skunk” is a four-syllable word in Japanese, because there are no consonant clusters in Japanese. Suh-kuh-nuh-kuh.

Not sure if that’s true.


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