Good Minnesota books

I’ve been working my way through two interesting books about the history of Minnesota. One is called Naawigiizis, The Memories of Center of the Moon, by Jim Clark, who is a Mille Lacs Band member. It’s a great look at the last century from an interesting perspective of a guy who grew up in a fairly traditional Indian setting and culture during the Depression, then went off and joined the military during World War 2. It has a foreword and afterword by Louise Erdrich, the great novelist who often writes about her Ojibwe heritage. We have some copies for sale at the Messenger office.

The other book is called Creating Minnesota by Annette Atkins. It’s one of the most readable history books I’ve ever read and gives you a real feel for the history of the state — the personalities, the setting, the emotions, the cultures. There’s one section that’s written in the form of a play, which didn’t work for me, but most of it is fascinating and easy reading.


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