Going the other way

I’ve been walking every morning, around the boundaries of the property, down along the river, through the woods and over the hay fields and around the horse pasture. I leave when it’s barely light, so I can’t make out the changing leaves, but I have seen a fat skunk twice in the last month, and deer quite a few times. Lucy the lab chased deer the first time, but then seemed bored with it. She wanted to check out the skunk, but something (possibly my frantic screaming) told her not to.

Yesterday I didn’t feel like walking, so I went clockwise instead of my usual counter-clockwise. Everything was different. So different that at one point I thought I had lost the path. The full moon was still up, and it had rained over night. As it got lighter, I saw drops of water hanging from the leavres and the electric fence. I went home and got my camera and took some pictures. Haven’t seen how they turned out, but maybe I’ll post one later if they’re any good.

Today I’m meeting with some Onamia parents about the referendum. The Onamia district is apparently in dire straits financially. I generally support referenda for schools, but it’s unfortunate that communities have to resort to those measures. It would make a lot more sense for the state to fund all schools adequately and equally, instead of allowing this haves vs. have-nots competition between rich suburbs, poor inner cities and just-getting-by small towns.


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