Of course when you finally do a story on the low lake level, it finally starts to rain. Big storms moved through yesterday. Rob’s out now taking pics of a guy’s pontoon boat that blew over.

The Rum River was up at least a foot this morning, but at our place we didn’t get much rain. This morning there were storms on the radar in Milaca and Princeton, but at our place the grass and trees were dry. It was oddly warm this morning — probably 75 degrees at 6 a.m.

Things we’re working on this week:

Bob’s writing about the lake level, which will probably be up a foot by the time the paper comes out next week.

I’m writing about the state leasing mineral rights. Kennecott Mining is looking for copper and nickel in the area. Apparently they’ve done aerial surveys and the general terrain looks interesting to them. I’m sure if it ever gets beyond the exploration stage, it’ll be very controversial, but right now it’s just kind of interesting to think about what lies under the ground, and who owns it.

Rob did a nice first-person feature about grouse hunting with an old friend, and a sweet story about a woman who had 800 foster kids. Diane, who is on vacation this week, has a great one about a woman whose parents drowned on Mille Lacs 57 years ago.


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