Boring old tomato

I like the international-intrigue-and-espionage genre of movies as much as the next guy, so I had hopes for the Bourne Ultimatum. I had also liked the first two in the series. But it was disappointing. I found myself yawning in what were supposed to be the most intense scenes. It needed more of a plot, more relationships, more suspense. There’s too much action in action movies these days, and they almost always pass the point of believability.
Okay, so, for example, aliens that look like trucks coming to earth (ala Transformers) isn’t that believeable in the first place, but within that context, you can’t have people falling off of buildings or crashing into walls at 100 mph too many times.
How many times could Jason Bourne jump through a window and over a street and crash through another window and live to tell the tale, much less get up and kick some other brainwashed robot-assassin’s butt? And how many times can his car flip over on another car or skid down the highway and crash into a building, and Jason get out and relatively unscathed. And what ever happened to airbags?
There was also too much butter on the popcorn, which was disappointing after a year in New Zealand, where the popcorn is terrible, and there’s never enough butter, but when you’re watching a movie, how can you resist it, even when it’s bad?
But the hamburger before the movie was good, and it was our 16th anniversary, and in general, all was right with the world, except for the Borin’ ol’ tomato.


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