Coming up in this week’s Messenger:

McGrath council meeting. The council voted down a proposal to fix up the old bank, apparently because three council members thought the city has enough on its plate right now. The meeting was attended by 37 people, which is over half the town of McGrath, I believe. After the proposal was voted down, one council member tried to make a motion, but the mayor didn’t want to hear it, so three council members voted to adjourn the meeting. The mayor said they were out of order and couldn’t adjourn. They walked out. The mayor and one remaining council member stayed and conducted business, which the council members said was illegal. Still not sure what the law is on that one, but I’ll have to find out by tomorrow.

Foreclosures: Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s sales increased from about 60 in 2005, to 100 in 2006, to a project 190-something in 2007. Threefold increase in three years. The mortgage crisis is hitting home.

The family of the 11-year-old kid detained (arrested) by Mille Lacs County in April is suing the county. No surprise there. Will they have a case? We’ll see.

The band is investigating fraud allegations in the community development commission.

Rob’s written a great story about a colle tor of tennis rackets.

Columns by Rob, Dick Norlander, Kathy Jackson. Photos from the McGrath Threshing show. Back to school stuff from Onamia, Isle and Nay Ah Shing.

I’ll be blogging here a couple times a week to keep readers posted on what we’re working on, and to shares thoughts and opinions that don’t appear in my column.


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